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 Health & Safety Policy

Mahham Engineering Services (MES) recognizes that every employee is entitled to be provided with the safe and healthy working environment. To this end, every reasonable effort will be made and positive action taken to secure the health, safety and welfare of all personnel inside company’s design office and at project site area, whilst keeping the environment integrity intact. In particular terms, our policy is:

  • To place the Health and Safety of employee and public ahead of the company’s commercial interests while protecting the Environment.
  • To provide and maintain, safe system of work to minimize the risk to health, safety and environment.
  • To apply engineering standards and sound practices in the design of plant and equipment.
  • To ensure ease of construction, operability and maintainability are considered in the design.
  • To provide adequate and proper facilities, equipment and safety apparel and ensure correct Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • To provide adequate training, information and instruction on health, safety and hazards to everyone in order to prevent injuries and health hazards and to keep the environment safe.
  • To regard all industrial accidents as preventable.
  • To commit towards safe environmental management and low impact/pollution practices and procedures for the work.
  • To openly report all HSE performance, favorable or not.

All employees/members of the company employed throughout the project and operations should therefore acknowledge their responsibilities for protection of health, safety and environment by making it the top priority in all aspects of their work.

Quality Assurance & Environment Policy

Mahham Engineering Services (MES) is committed to deliver its services in accordance with best practice standards and Our Client’s requirements and expectations. Our Quality Assurance and Environment Plan includes: 

  • Providing top quality engineering solution within budget and schedule
  • Listen our customers feedback and ensure we fulfill our promises
  • Continuous improvement in our Technical Integrity and Safety in Design processes 
  • Our duty of care to the environment in which the project will exist
  • The legislative requirements and prevailing regulations pertaining to the delivered facility.
  • The goals that the Client expects to achieve with regard to time to complete, investment cost and technical performance of the delivered facility.
  • The concept of sustainable development that is compatible with accepted community and environmental standards.
  • Managing the activities to minimize adverse environmental effects.
  • The prevention of pollution and minimization of wastes.
  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and the environmental policies of our clients.
  • Communicating environmental policies to employees and contractors and the public who may be impacted by the Company’s activities.
  • Seeking to improve the environmental management practices based on past performance and industry trends.

All MES employees are required to act in an environmentally responsible manner in carrying out their duties in compliance with this policy and to report any potential conflicts with this policy to their supervisor, who in turn shall ensure that a complying solution is proposed to the client or other responsible person.


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